Storytelling through photographs | New York Family Photographer

This might surprise you, but I actually don’t use my camera that often outside of my motherhood sessions. As much as I love photography, and made it my job; I’m not one to take photographs every day or walk around with my camera - even when traveling. I often wondered why. I tried to do it but I don’t enjoy it, it feels forced. I really enjoy taking photographs of my families so it got me wonder... until very recently. I read another photographer’s post (I can’t remember who it was) saying that photography was not their passion, but telling stories was; and photography was the medium they used to do so. It made so much sense to me! I love capturing emotions, relationships and photographs that take you back in time and make you remember how you felt in that chapter of your life... It was one of those light bulb moments. I love photography, but telling stories is what makes my heart sing. 


New York Black and White Maternity, Newborn and Family photographer