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Unlike many family photographers, I have my family sessions indoor. I have a deep love for in-home sessions from maternity to newborn to family. I like how easy it makes the session for my mothers; no need to travel anywhere, pack snacks or nappies etc. I like that we can incorporate elements of their daily life like the crib where their 7 months sleeps, the bed where they snuggle as a family of four, the big windows that their first born love looking at and pointing at all the black cars and let his curious mind wonder…. and of course their favourite books or stuffed animal at the time.

I don’t need a lot of space for my sessions, sometimes I use the kitchen, other times the bedroom; and when the light allows we can even do a combination of rooms. For this session, the little one was finishing her nap when I arrived so we started with a tete-a-tete between mom and her two and a half years old son in the parents bedroom. When the baby woke up, we went to her room, and took some portraits of them cuddling post-nap.

My mothers are the star of my sessions so portraits of her with the kids are my priorities. Then dad joined his family for some fun helicopter rides, cuddles, and story time. This session ended being one of my favourite family collection! Here are just a few of my favourites.

Mother and her two children on a rocking chair near the crib during a family photography session
Mother and her two children on a rocking chair during a family photography session
Siblings reading a book together on parents bed during a manhattan family session at home
Mother holding her two children on bed during a at home family session in New York
Mother holding her baby girl and her toddler son on bed during a family photo session
Mother with her two children on bed kissing tenderly her son’s hand during a family session at their home
Family of four in bed reading a book during a family in home session
Family of four laughing on bed during a family session
7 months old girl with her parents on bed during a family session in Manhattan
Dad playing helicopter with son during a New York Family photography session at home
Dad holding his daughter and looking at her tenderly during a family photography session
Mother holding her two children and looking at her husband who holds their daughter’s hand during a New York family photography session

If you’d like more details about my at home family sessions, make sure to inquire!

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