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Incredible life changing event

Not many common events in life have quite the effect that motherhood has on one's life: a strong and deep love, connection and dependence with another being; without forgetting the daily worry of a mother and a huge sense of responsibility for someone else’s life - quite a range of emotions and challenges all at once. Motherhood also brings changes in the definition of self, alongside a radical change in priorities and decision making.

This is an amazing season in life and being able to document this for my mothers gives me a lot of joy.

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Amazing wonder of newborns

I always feel honoured to be witnessing the very start of one's life. I can’t help but wonder who they are going to become, what will they do with this new life of theirs… The beauty and vulnerability of these babies always get me; how tiny they are, the special sound of their cry and how fast they change is incredible.

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Meaningful portraits

I want my art to be meaningful. I tried different genre when I started photography, but quickly I found that none was giving me the same feeling of pride and satisfaction than my maternity and newborn work. You can easily snap pictures of their first steps or daily events; however often these images are showing how you look like (most of the time all smiles at the camera). This is where my art comes in play. What I want to give you is portraits showing how you FEEL and what your now feels like.

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