Why printing photographs is important | New York Newborn Photographer

I truly believe photographs should live on prints and not only in digital format.

Print is Tangible

Digital files can easily get corrupted and lost, hard drives can fail, phones can get lost, etc. Printing might be a safer way to archive your memories than keeping them solely on a digital format. With technology changing so rapidly, who knows if you’ll be able to see your digital images again in 10 years? When I just look at the last 25 years we’ve seen floppy disks, CDs, and USB keys coming and going. Who knows what technology your children will be using?

Yes, prints are susceptible to the elements, but do you know that a museum quality print could last up to 100 years? Yes that’s right. This is also why it’s important to print your most precious memories in good quality archival paper.

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Print is holding a piece of your heart

Yes I’m a digital photographer and I snap hundreds of photographs of my pup and other elements of my daily life on my phone, which will stay there or on my social media accounts... BUT I do make a point in printing my favourite photographs each year. Nothing beats the feeling of holding a memory in your hand. And that feeling you get when your prints have arrived, and you can see them, touch them?!

It’s also a great way to celebrate your children and show them how much you value the memories shared. How wonderful to sit together on the couch and go through the pages of an album full of memories?!

Being an expat for 14 years now, and having changed countries a few times; I’ve quickly came to appreciate the photographs I own of my family, but I also had to go through the heartbreak of realising how many I lost throughout the years as they were only backed up digitally (on lost CDs or emails that got deleted by mistake….). I learned from it though, and I now have my favourites family memories framed on my walls.

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We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” – Katie Thurmes

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Document your story

Sure, we all use social media to share, and some even store, our albums of 100s of photographs taken throughout the years with friends and family. All the chapters life has given us… but one thing to remember: we do not own those platforms. We had a brief reminder last week when both Facebook and Instagram went offline… The day these platforms shut down, you’ll lose access to all that you have shared, and stored there.

Printing your photographs, having them framed or together in an album is making sure you document your life, your family’s story for years to come. This means for future you but also for your children and even theirs if you archive them properly!

Don’t get me wrong it is great to back up your memories on digital format, but printing is giving your most precious memories the best chance to be passed along for generations.

New York Newborn Photographer Helene Stype
New York Newborn Photographer Helene Stype
New York Newborn Photographer Helene Stype

Let me ask you this: besides the obvious, people and fur babies; what would you grab if your house was on fire?

For all these reasons, I’m excited to be offering beautiful and high quality products to my families this year!

Helene xo

New York Maternity Newborn Photographer