What to wear at your photo session

This is a frequently asked question, which I have touched up in my Instagram and Facebook lives, but I wanted to write a quick post on this for easy reference.

Keep it simple

Less is more! Try and avoid clothes with logos or busy patterns that can distract. Harmonisation of the family's outfits is always good, both in regards to colour tones and style (casual, smart casual or smart). The idea is to choose outfits that will compliment each other (similar tones and style).

Solid colours usually photograph better than stripes or large patterns. It is best to stay within a neutral, organic color palette; for example cream, gray, blush, sand and navy. I also recommend to try and stay away from bright reds and oranges.

Choose Comfortable Outfits

This is important to achieve natural and meaningful photographs: everyone must feel comfortable, including in the clothes they are wearing!


 The day before

I also suggest to try all outfits before the day of the session, to avoid any panic on the day with a missing button, a stain or else. Also, socks can be seen in the photographs, so they should play an equal part on the outfit decision-making.

With regards to the star of the show for newborn sessions, the same advice goes: keep it simple. 


I have created a few boards on my Pinterest profile to give you some inspiration and help you decide which type of outfits will fit you best. You can see them by clicking here.

Upon booking, my families will receive a complete session planning guide which contains more information on this subject, and of course I am always happy to help with this prior to the session!

Helene xo

BLACK AND WHITE newborn and maternity photographer