How to choose the right newborn photographer (Part 1)

Finding the right photographer for you and your family can be tricky; and this blog serie (2 parts) aims to help you in your search and selection, with steps to follow and questions to ask the photographer but also yourself before booking your session.


Specialty and Budget

This should be your first step. I recommend only selecting photographers who specialize in the photography field you are looking for (in this instance, a newborn photographer).

Once you have determined your budget, look at your selected photographers’ website (or send them an inquiry) to make sure their investment guideline for a session (and digital files, prints, albums as applicable) matches your budget.

I would not recommend booking a photographer whose investment guideline is over-budget, as this might cause you a lot of stress or disappointment, which is not the experience we are after when booking a photography session.

Now if you find that your budget can be increased for the right photographer, without causing you distress, then by all means shortlist them!

In the same spirit, I would caution you to do more research if the cost seems inexpensive – ask yourself/the photographer why (the cost of running a photography business is not low). Make sure to ask all questions you have on their fees, and that you understand clearly their pricing (photographers pricing vary greatly and the same goes for the pricing models).

When looking for a newborn photographer, make sure to start early, giving yourself plenty of time to do a proper search but also giving you the best chance to book the photographer you want.

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Reviews & Recommendations

Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations, they might have used a family or newborn photographer who could be a great fit for you. Being able to discuss with your friend or family member their experience from beginning to end will give you a good idea on how the photographer works and what to expect.

You can also research for reviews online, usually you can find testimonials on the photographer’s website and/or social media platforms.

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Determine your expectations

Once you have narrowed down your list of photographers who match the specialty you are looking for and the budget you are prepared to invest into your family memories; you might still be going back and forth between websites not sure how to choose...

You might find that you like a couple of photographers’ portfolios but you are not sure how to narrow down your choice to only one.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when selecting your family photographer:

  • Do you like traditional portraits where all members of the family look at the camera (posed) or a more natural look (lifestyle or documentary)?

  • Do you like newborn photographs with props and posed, or more of a documentary/lifestyle feel?

  • Do you want a studio session, an outdoor session or an in-home session?

  • Are you ready to travel for your session? If so, how far? This is especially important when looking for your newborn photographer: consider whether you would be ready to travel in the first days or weeks of giving birth.

  • Do you like bright colors, more neutral palettes or are you a black & white kind of girl?

  • Are you only interested in digital files or do you also want to see your family portraits beautifully framed on your wall, or in a handcrafted album you can pass down to the next generation?

  • If so, do you need help from your photographer to choose which printed product will answer better your need and work best for your family and home?

  • Do you need your session to happen during weekdays or the weekend?

  • Are you looking for a simple and short session or a meaningful experience?

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We will discuss the last two steps on the next post of this serie (click here). In the meantime make sure to take the time to go through each suggestion above and really explore what attracts you in newborn photography.

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Take care Mama!

H. xo

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