Why Booking a Family Photographer?

It’s a fact. Most people nowadays have access to good digital cameras to record moments of life, like the school dancing show or their kid’s football game; or even their smartphone for that matter. So you might wonder, why booking a family photographer?

As a newborn and family photographer, I believe in documenting life and helping my mamas remember how they felt at different stages: when they were expecting their first child, the first few days holding their new bundle of joy or the love they felt by just smelling their beautiful skin; and all the same for each of their family's new addition. That being said, I mostly and truly believe in the importance for parents to gift their children with these beautiful memories. Here is why.


Cherish your family with art.

I think it is important to cherish our families in as many ways as possible; and one of which is with art. It is great to be able to take snapshots of everything and anything thanks to the new technology; but what happen to most photos taken? Some might end up on the hard drive of our computer, others might make it to our social media accounts, but how many are being printed and cherished?

Booking your family session means that you will be provided with beautiful family portraits printed by professional labs for you to keep and cherish for many years to come. The only decision you will need to make is how you would like to see your images printed: albums, framed prints etc. Printed photographs are a beautiful heirloom to keep and pass onto the next generation, and a great way to show your children how much you value your family, every day, every time their eyes fall on your wall display!

So why not having a family session once a year and capturing how your family grew and developed along the years?


The occasion to have all members at the same time on photographs.

Mostly, family photos will have one family member missing: the one behind the camera. A family session is the occasion to have all family members on the photographs, and being able to have beautiful memories together and capturing the different relationships among each other.

Your children will grow fast, even faster than you think, and soon they will be off to College, getting married or even moving overseas. The occasions to have all family members at the same time on photographs might become more rare with time.

Being overseas myself for the past thirteen years (France being home), I know how much I cherish photographs with my family. Unfortunately, I don't have as many as I wish; and a lot of precious moments are missing (I have no photo of my mum and me as a baby). This is why I believe it is so important to book your family session.


Timeless portraits for the next generation.

This point goes alongside the first one: your family session will provide you with beautiful and timeless portraits that your children will in turn treasure for years. Albums they will be able to share with their children one day, all snuggled up on the sofa going through pages of memories and beautiful images showing where they have been and the bond connecting you all. A family session is not only for you but also (and even maybe mainly) for the next generation. A beautiful way to create your legacy!


A fun activity to do all together.

Most of us live a fast life: working long hours; looking after children, pets and the household; catching up with family and friends... limiting the opportunities to spend some quality time all together, having fun and creating great memories.

Another reason why I believe it is worth booking a session. This way, you have allotted a time on your busy schedule to spend all together. Nobody has any task to do besides showing up and having fun. It is something the whole family can look forward to and enjoy together. It is an opportunity to record your story today and create memories for tomorrow. It is the opportunity to stop time...

The power of photography is to take us back in time: a photograph captures not only a moment, but the feelings attached to it. Looking at a photograph will make you feel the way you felt that same day. A powerful reminder of where we have been and where we are today. Getting your family portrait taken is both for now and for the future: for the grand-parents to enjoy today, and for your children to look back with their own family in years to come…

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Helene xo

Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photographer

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