Why I don't pose my newborns | New York Newborn Photographer

I don’t pose my newborns during my sessions. My work is led by them. Each stretching and unfolding themselves their own way. I don’t believe in posing them in unnatural positions or settings. I want their personality to come through. Newborns are all unique and this is an opportunity to let their individuality shine.

New father holding and looking at his newborn baby boy during an in-home newborn session
New father changing his crying newborn baby boy during a newborn in home session in black and white

This is how you see them all day every day and my art is about documenting your now. I want my photographs to show how you feel today and for you to remember how your brand new little miracle was at this special time.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in her father’s arms during a newborn in home session
black and white photograph of a New mother breastfeeding her newborn baby boy in a chair near a windon during a newborn family session at home

I believe motherhood photography is not just about the baby, but also the mother and the connections between parents and their child. This is also a reason why I do not pose my newborns. My mothers are a big part of my sessions and will always be close to their baby. These sessions usually happen in the first two weeks of life; both baby and mum want and need to be close to one another.

I don’t follow trends. I want my photographs to be timeless. I also want the experience to be relaxed and stress-free and as natural as it can be. I don’t believe in newborn sessions that stretch out for hours, soothing the baby to keep him asleep. During most of my session, your newborn will stay in your arms; where they belong. 

If you want to inquiry about your newborn session, feel free to contact me.

Helene xo

New York Newborn Photographer