How to prepare your home for your newborn session

One thing that can sometimes worry an expecting mum to have her photographs taken in her own home, is that her house doesn’t look like the ones you see in the magazines… Let me reassure you right now: you do not need to be an interior designer or own a huge house to have beautiful and meaningful motherhood portraits done in your home!

Clutter is expected

First thing first: you just had a baby so clutter is expected! We can easily move around anything that would clutter the photographs upon my arrival. I do that at each and every one of my sessions.

Also, I really don’t need that much space, if we are limited to one room it is fine by me. What I really do need is a large source of natural light: that means a big window.

Father holding and kissing newborn daughter on forehead near a large window during newborn photo session in black and white

Open blinds and curtains

One thing you can do before my arrival is opening all of the blinds and curtains in your home, so I can figure out quickly which room has the best natural light.

I usually set up wherever there is a large window; but sometimes I can choose to work in a room with a smaller window but a more interesting light.

Keep your home warm

Keep your home warm so your baby can stay calm and comfy during the session.

Keep the baby gear handy

The last thing we want is for you to stress out during the session, and as much as I repeat that it is expected to take breaks or remind my mothers that we are taking it easy and slow during the session; I feel that most will still try to rush whatever they need to be doing at the time: getting changed, feeding their baby etc. I will say it again here: we will be taking it slow and take as many breaks as you and baby need! However, if you want to erase that worry this tip and the next one is for you: keep anything you need to sooth, feed, change etc. your baby handy; that will prevent you from having to go around the house to find the things you need.

Expecting mother looking at her baby bump on a couch near a large window during a newborn photo session in black and white

Prepare your second outfit

As per the above tip, prepare and keep together everything you need for your second outfit (if you have planned one); so you can change easily.


You do not need to worry: your home is not too small nor too messy; I have the appropriate gear to handle low light situations and I am used to photograph my sessions in my families' home.

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