A little bit about me

Hi! I’m Helene; a motherhood photographer for families who cherish human connections, believe in documenting life; and like me, value the gift of tangible memories.

Originally from Paris, I lived in three countries before moving to the US. I share life with my husband and our boxer pup Roxie; who brings a lot of crazy into our home!

I bought my first DLSR camera in 2010 and not long after that I attended the professional photography training program at the London School of Photography.

I’m based in New York City, but available to travel.


My work

I’m a lifestyle newborn, maternity and family photographer, using exclusively natural light.

I love capturing timeless black and white portraits of my mothers and their families in their own environment, capturing their unique connections in a natural setting.

My newborn sessions occur in my families’ home. As a lifestyle photographer I’ll direct you when necessary; however I do not pose my families and especially not my newborns. I want to document where you are and how you feel in this moment in time.

My families, like me, value the human connections in their life and believe in cherishing their story.


The gift of memories

Like you, I value the relationships in our life and also the power of art. I believe in documenting life, in knowing where we come from and where it all begun. Most importantly I truly believe in giving the gift of tangible memories to children.

Being an expat for most of my adult life means missing out on a lot of family events and not seeing my mum and other family members as much as I’d like to. Throughout the years, photographs became a big part of how I celebrate my family and our love for one another.

This is why I love capturing the bonds that connect families, and in particular the joy and absolute awe of new parents holding their tiny new baby in their arms.


I like to think of my newborns going through the pages of albums full of memories of their childhood and parents, with their own children one day. Telling stories about the house they grew up in and feeling the love of their mother holding their tiny body tightly against her chest, kissing the top of their head…